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Coverage of the 2013 Melbourne International Comedy Festival

micf2013The Melbourne International Comedy Festival is here once again, and for the fifth year in a row I find myself pretty busy. I haven’t been in the habit of reposting it in the past, but I thought I might gather it all together in the one handy post, for those who are curious.

Feature articles:
Travel gags in the bag, The Sunday Age, 31st March 2013

Reviews on Crikey blog Laugh Track:
This is Siberian Husky in The Misery Factory, 30th March 2013
David O’Doherty in Seize the David O’Doherty (Carpe DO’Diem), 31st March 2013
Jennifer Wong is Spineless, 1st April 2013
Paul Foot in Kenny Larch is Dead, 2nd April 2013
Jeff Green in Leaping off the Bell Curve, 6th April 2013
Lawrence Leung’s Part-Time Detective Agency, 7th April 2013
1 Man Debate with Simon Taylor, 10th April 2013
Wil Anderson in Goodwil, 12th April 2013

This page will update.


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